How to Pass JAMB 2018 excellently with 300+ Score

Why do people fail JAMB? Maybe because of some kind of mistakes or negligence. Maybe because they were not lucky enough like their mates who passed. Maybe something happened and they were not able to write well. Maybe something beyond our explanation.
You will be surprised to see people you consider as not too intelligent passing whereas the intelligent ones failed. A lot of intelligent people will fail JAMB because they believe they know it all. Hence, they did not do the necessary thing.

JAMB is something everyone seeking admission into any Nigeria University of his/her choice will have sit for. It is the first step toward admission into any University of your choice. Here are things you need to do to pass.

Practice JAMB Question and Mock CBT.

Sometime ago, I used to say “practice makes perfect” until I was confronted by a girl who had publicly corrected me in the most annoying way. That day, I kept on rehearsing “Practice make perfection” as though the only way to avoid making the same mistake of saying “Practice makes perfect”.
I know you would not like to make the mistake of failing JAMB because you failed to practice? I know you also don’t want to come back next year because you took studying past questions for granted?

There are lots of JAMB practice software’s available that you can use to prepare. There are also JAMB Past Questions available in the Market, though many of them may not be updated with the recent CBT exams but they are still very much useful. You remember back then when it was rumored that JAMB used to set questions from 5 years back? Who knows, if it is where they will be picking their questions from this time. is one of those CBT software you can use to practice JAMB, the good thing about it is that it is free for everyone, it consist of all the 16 JAMB recommended subjects including In Dependence Novel. Practice JAMB CBT with here

It is important to remember that those who fail are those who failed to learn from the past. Those who fail JAMB could also be those who failed to learn from past Questions.

Read the JAMB Novel, In Dependence.

It is no doubt, the importance of reading JAMB prescribed Novel and how it can influence what you score in Exam. This is one of the easiest way to pass JAMB because it is much easier to answer a question from a defined novel than answering a random question from other subjects.
If you are having problems with understanding the book, Read the Summary of JAMB Novel here.
This year, the prescribed JAMB novel for Direct Entry students is Last Days of Forcados High School. You may also want to practice here

Confront your Fears and Face your difficulties now.

If you are having difficulties in any particular JAMB subject and you feel that it is going to make you fail. It is important to confront that subject by studying it and solving past questions before it is too late.
There are more than enough for you to prepare. You can enroll in JAMB lesson centers to help yourself

Don’t hope on Expo to pass JAMB.

Things don’t usually go as planned Likewise the hope of manner falling from heaven on that day.
I bet you, JAMB is one of the weirdest exams you will ever write because while others may be opportune to write freely. Another person may be sent out for Malpractice.
Last year, Mobile Police (Red Cap) were used in invigilating the Exam and they brutalized anyone caught doing Malpractice. Who knows, maybe the DSS will be sent to invigilate this year’s JAMB exam.

Be Prepared, Calm your nerves down.

Stories were told of students whose computer had shut down during last Year JAMB CBT Exam simply because they had mistakenly removed the cables with their legs while panicking.
There is nothing to fear about in writing JAMB exams if you are well prepared and even when you are prepared. It is advisable to free your mind and write your exams.

Be in Your JAMB Center on time.

Being in your Exam center on time will save you a lot of trouble. Last year, thousands of students were either late or absent from their centers. If you are living far, it is advisable to find save accommodation around the area so that you can arrive a day before the exam.
Being in JAMB center earlier will help you settle down before the exam. is willing to help you pass JAMB
We designed this platform as an avenue to help students pass their JAMB examination. We are willing to provide any assistance necessary. Feel free to contact us on Facebook or ask your question on twitter @freecbttests. 

Those who pass are not necessary the most intelligent but those who discipline themselves to fulfill all the Necessary criteria.

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