Study Engineering in Nigeria Universities

If you are here, it means you have interest or you are looking for information with regards to studying Engineering in Nigeria, it could be in a polytechnic , university or any Institution where Engineering is being offered.  We are going to cover everything you need to know and various requirements. We are also going to answer some questions you may be asking with regards to admission into the university.

There are various schools in Nigeria where engineering courses are being taught but some remain outstanding.
Here we are talking of engineering courses like : Biomedical engineering,Petroleum/Chemical engineering, Civil engineering, Electronics and Electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering, Systems engineering, computer engineering, mechanical and newly introduced Mechatronics Engineering

Below you have the best 10 universities to study engineering courses in Nigeria.

1. University of Lagos

2. Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife

3. University of Nigeria, Nssuka

4. University of Ibadan, Ibadan

5. Covenant University, Ota

6. Federal University of Technology, Akure

7. University of Benin, Benin

8. Federal University of Technology, Owerri

9. Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria

10. University of Ilorin, Ilorin

General Admission Requirements for Engineering Courses in Nigeria

A typical admission requirements are as follows

5 O’level credit including Mathematics, English, Physics and Chemistry in not more that two sittings
JAMB UTME score of at least 180 in most federal universities and 150 in most private and state universities.
Note: Engineering courses are always very competitive to get admission. So make sure you score high in both jamb and post utme.

O’level requirement
To study Engineering, you must possess a minimum of C6 and Above in English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology in your  O’level ( WAEC or NECO )

Is Further Mathematics compulsory to study Engineering?
No, it is not compulsory, but it is necessary for a student to have a background knowledge of Further Mathematics which will help him/her in the higher institution since the mathematics studied in the University is much similar to Further Maths.

What if I got D7 in English, Mathematics, Physics, chemistry or Biology, Will I still be admitted to study Engineering?
No, as said earlier, you must possess a minimum of C6 and above.

Can someone put awaiting result while filling JAMB UTME form?
Yes, a student can write JAMB while awaiting WAEC/ NECO result. This does not affect the student in any way since the O’Level result ( WAEC?/NECO) will be out before the admission process.

What is the JAMB subject requirement for Engineering
While filling the form to study any Engineering course, the 4 subject combination includes English, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. Anything outside this will automatically disqualify the student from admission.

How many years does it take to study  Engineering in Nigeria Universities?
I takes typically 5 years to complete undergraduate studies in Engineering after which the student will be awarded Bachelor of Engineering  ( B.Eng ) on completions. During this period, the student will undergo a one year Industrial Training as part of the 5 year undergraduate program.

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How to Pass JAMB 2018 excellently with 300+ Score

Why do people fail JAMB? Maybe because of some kind of mistakes or negligence. Maybe because they were not lucky enough like their mates who passed. Maybe something happened and they were not able to write well. Maybe something beyond our explanation.
You will be surprised to see people you consider as not too intelligent passing whereas the intelligent ones failed. A lot of intelligent people will fail JAMB because they believe they know it all. Hence, they did not do the necessary thing.

JAMB is something everyone seeking admission into any Nigeria University of his/her choice will have sit for. It is the first step toward admission into any University of your choice. Here are things you need to do to pass.

Practice JAMB Question and Mock CBT.

Sometime ago, I used to say “practice makes perfect” until I was confronted by a girl who had publicly corrected me in the most annoying way. That day, I kept on rehearsing “Practice make perfection” as though the only way to avoid making the same mistake of saying “Practice makes perfect”.
I know you would not like to make the mistake of failing JAMB because you failed to practice? I know you also don’t want to come back next year because you took studying past questions for granted?

There are lots of JAMB practice software’s available that you can use to prepare. There are also JAMB Past Questions available in the Market, though many of them may not be updated with the recent CBT exams but they are still very much useful. You remember back then when it was rumored that JAMB used to set questions from 5 years back? Who knows, if it is where they will be picking their questions from this time.
Freecbttest.com is one of those CBT software you can use to practice JAMB, the good thing about it is that it is free for everyone, it consist of all the 16 JAMB recommended subjects including In Dependence Novel. Practice JAMB CBT with Freecbttest.com here

It is important to remember that those who fail are those who failed to learn from the past. Those who fail JAMB could also be those who failed to learn from past Questions.

Read the JAMB Novel, In Dependence.

It is no doubt, the importance of reading JAMB prescribed Novel and how it can influence what you score in Exam. This is one of the easiest way to pass JAMB because it is much easier to answer a question from a defined novel than answering a random question from other subjects.
If you are having problems with understanding the book, Read the Summary of JAMB Novel here.
This year, the prescribed JAMB novel for Direct Entry students is Last Days of Forcados High School. You may also want to practice here

Confront your Fears and Face your difficulties now.

If you are having difficulties in any particular JAMB subject and you feel that it is going to make you fail. It is important to confront that subject by studying it and solving past questions before it is too late.
There are more than enough for you to prepare. You can enroll in JAMB lesson centers to help yourself

Don’t hope on Expo to pass JAMB.

Things don’t usually go as planned Likewise the hope of manner falling from heaven on that day.
I bet you, JAMB is one of the weirdest exams you will ever write because while others may be opportune to write freely. Another person may be sent out for Malpractice.
Last year, Mobile Police (Red Cap) were used in invigilating the Exam and they brutalized anyone caught doing Malpractice. Who knows, maybe the DSS will be sent to invigilate this year’s JAMB exam.

Be Prepared, Calm your nerves down.

Stories were told of students whose computer had shut down during last Year JAMB CBT Exam simply because they had mistakenly removed the cables with their legs while panicking.
There is nothing to fear about in writing JAMB exams if you are well prepared and even when you are prepared. It is advisable to free your mind and write your exams.

Be in Your JAMB Center on time.

Being in your Exam center on time will save you a lot of trouble. Last year, thousands of students were either late or absent from their centers. If you are living far, it is advisable to find save accommodation around the area so that you can arrive a day before the exam.
Being in JAMB center earlier will help you settle down before the exam.

Freecbttest.com is willing to help you pass JAMB
We designed this platform as an avenue to help students pass their JAMB examination. We are willing to provide any assistance necessary. Feel free to contact us on Facebook or ask your question on twitter @freecbttests. 

Those who pass are not necessary the most intelligent but those who discipline themselves to fulfill all the Necessary criteria.

4 Best Free JAMB Online CBT Test Practice App

A lot of candidates are asking about how they can access JAMB CBT software on their mobile phones. This is important because they can be very useful to candidates in practicing past Questions and Answers and testing their abilities ahead of JAMB 2018 examination.

It is important to note that your success in this year’s JAMB examination will be largely dependent on how far  you practice as it is obvious that JAMB may repeat questions. These apps will not only help you practice but also make you familiar with how the real exam will look like

From Google Playstore
There are dozens of free CBT practice software available on Google Play store for android users. These mobile app were well prepared by pass.ng, myschool.com.ng etc.All you need to do is to search for it and install the app for use. You can make use search phrases like “JAMB CBT” and then select from the list of results to download from playstore.

Based on my rating and recommendations, Here are 3 best CBT practice software. You can download it as apk files or practice with it online. We will still add more later.

1) Freecbttest.com
Have you ever experienced difficult using any CBT app or faced with the problem of paying for these apps even when you are not sure it will help you practice ahead of JAMB exam?
This CBT practice is the most flexible and mobile friendly of all, it allows users to answer questions and get scored at the end of each section. You can also share your result with friends who may be interested to participate.

It is free for everyone
Users are rewarded with cash prizes for scoring high.
Freecbttest.com is both Mobile and desktop friendly
It is data friendly, so you don’t have to worry practicing with it online

Perhaps, the only problem associated with using freecbttest.com JAMB test online is that it is not compatible with opera mini and native android browser which is chiefly used by many Nigerians. You will have to use Chrome or Firefox for a good web experience.

Available subjects include;
Agricultural Science
English Language
In Dependence Novel
Islamic Religious studies
Last Days of Forcados High School Novel
Literature in English

2) Pass.ng CBT App
Pass.ng is undoubtedly one of the best with it flexibility and easy to use feature. It does not need internet connection to function and also includes some possible Questions for JAMB Exam. It also includes Summary of JAMB New Novel. Pass.ng app is available on Google Playstore and Apk

3) Myschool.com.ng CBT App
With more than 40,000 past questions, this app makes it easy for candidates to practice and prepare for JAMB 2018 in a way that makes them understand what the real examination environment feels like. Like Pass.ng app. you can download myschool JAMB practice on Google Playstore or Apk.

This JAMB CBT Practice is available as web, destop and mobile application. It comprises of all the JAMB basic subject including JAMB Novel Independence, it well timed and gives you the option to restart at the end of each CBT.

Kindly share with us your experience using any of these CBT practice software by using the comment box


Full Summary of JAMB Novel InDependence with Possible Questions

Summarizing the JAMB novel, In Dependence with the characters, we will be highlighting important characters and key points as we summarize

Tayo Ajayi : The main character in the Novel, He gains scholarship in Balliol College, Oxford and Travel to England for study. There he had a lot of adventures and experience with women. First was with Christine Arinze who he later breakup with due to commitment issues. He later meets Vanessa Richardson, an English girl, but was confronted by her racist Father who advises and warns against any relationship with Vanessa.

Tayo had travelled home to Ibadan during the holidays after he received letter from his Mother about his Fathers health condition. Due the civil war, conflict and fathers health condition, he stops writing to Vanessa. Vanessa travels to Nigeria to see him and while they had lodged in a hotel, he confessed of his infidelity and how he had gotten Miriam Pregnant during his stay in Nigeria.
Vanessa leaves him immediately and Travels to England. Later, she returns with Senegal to stay and write about Africa.

Tayo who is now Married lived with his wife ( Miriam ) and only Daughter ( Kemi ) but the family was confronted with the growing crisis in Nigeria. Most people they knew were leaving the country and Miriam had persuaded her husband that they should also leave. Tayo had refused on the grounds that he had so many projects he was working on as a professor in the University. He was busy holding seminars and rallies to protest against Government negligence and corruption.

Finally, Miriam and Kemi leaves to America while he stayed behind. He continued protesting and writing articles against the corrupt government which led to his being detained and beaten by the Military. During this time, he lost his driver Abdou who had died of Internal Bleeding.

Miriam who now stays in America, had filled a divorce to end her marriage with Tayo.

Modupe: Tayo’s girlfriend while in the village, After Tayo travels and returns from Oxford. He discovers that she was pregnant and married to Olu.

The Aureol : A large passenger ship which Tayo believes was the first place he saw Vanessa as a little girl waving at him during his Childhood visit to the ports.

Christine Arinze : Third Year student and Tayo’s first Girlfriend at Oxford. She later commits suicide after their breakup.
Tayo had lied to Vanessa that Christine was his cousin but she later discovers the Truth from Charlie.

Tunde ; Tayo’s born-again Cousin who later becomes the Pastor of one of the Largest Congregation in Nigeria.

Mehul and Charlie: Friends with Vanessa

Mr. Adeniyi Ajayi: Tayo’s Father and also Inspector of Police.

Jane : Vanessa bestfriend.
Jane had told Vanessa a secret of how she had slept with Uncle Tony in a Train station as a condition for her to talk about her relationship with Tayo

Vanessa Richardson:  Daughter of Jonathan and Elizabeth Richardson. She met Tayo at Oxford and falls in love with him but their relationship was disapproved by her Father. All her life, she wanted to write about Africa but feels unworthy; Tayo was her source of encouragement
After her separation with Tayo, she travels to Senegal to live there in order to learn more about African cultures and Tradition. There she met Salamatou, a hairdresser who she befriends and who also teaches her Wolof language. Vanessa later Travels to England after Salamatou was killed in a motor accident, she also adopts Salamatou son, Suleiman.
In England, she marries Edward Barker and they lived together with her adopted son. She now works with the Guardian and now able to write a lot of fascinating articles about Africa.

After so many years, Vanessa had the opportunity to meet with Tayo again during the Launching of his “Biography of Lord Lugard” and later at a ceremony where Tayo was conferred Honorary degree by Oxford. They had the opportunity to discuss about their live and the Love they shared.

Uncle Tony: Vanessa uncle

Uncle Kayode : Tayo’s uncle who later visit him at Oxford and also meets with Vanessa.
He had told Tayo of how he decided to leave the Military and study Engineering in France so he could be employed in Nigeria Oil Industry.

Ike: In the JAMB Novel, Ike is a student activist. He got in a relationship with Christine after her breakup with Tayo.

Uncle Bola : Tayo’s Uncle who loved to talk about Women.

Jonathan Richardson : Former District Officer to Northern Nigeria and father to Vanessa. His racist attitude was unbearable and he disapproved of Vanessa relationship with Tayo because of their racial difference.

Mr. Faircliff: Tayo’s Headmaster.

Balliol College, Oxford: The school in England where Tayo’s was awarded scholarship.

Elizabeth Richardson: Mother of Vanessa , she later dies of cancer at the age of 78.
She could have had a love affair with Danjuma, her driver, during the colonial days in Nigeria

Salamatou:  Vanessa’s hairdresser in Senegal who later died in a motor accident.
Vanessa later adopts her son, Suleiman.

Suleiman: Vanessa adopted son, and son to Salamatou.

Miriam : The woman who got pregnant for Tayo on his visit to Nigeria, This lead to Tayo and Vanessa separation. Tayo Later marries Miriam out of pity and her care for his father.
She had series of miscarriages during their Marriage and could only have Kemi.

Kemi : Only Daughter to Miriam and Tayo.

Yusuf: Joker and Tayo’s friend. Though, always ready to befriend white ladies. He was never committed to any of them. He had once promised a white Lady (Joyce) Marriage but later disappoints her and Marries a Nigerian woman named Joy.
He later converts to Christianity.

Innocent: A man Yusuf and Tayo joked about. Innocent had lied that he studied Economics at Oxford while applying for a Job in the University.

Edward Barker; An older man who Vanessa later marries, he was also friends with Tayo during his days at Oxford.

Questions and answers from JAMB In Dependence
1)In contrast, The Nigerian Newspapers had reported that Christine had died of_?
Sudden Illness

2) What was the Name of the Large passenger ship which Tayo believes was where he first saw Vanessa as a little girl waving at him, during his childhood visit to the ports?
The Aureol

3) Vanessa’s Mother, Elizabeth had died of _?
Cancer at the age of 78

4) Who phoned Tayo of the News of Christine’s death?

5) What factors influenced the choice of Uncle Kayode to study Engineering in France?
He wanted to be employed into Nigeria’s Oil sector

6) What Meeting did the African students meet to discuss?
West Africa Society meeting

7) What secret did Jane tell Vanessa as a condition to talk about her relationship with  Tayo?
She slept with Uncle Tony at the Train Station

8 ) What feeling did Tayo’s get from rereading Modupe’s letters?

9)  Who was the Man who Yusuf and Tayo joked about lying that he studied economics in Oxford?

10 ) Why did Yusuf Marry Joy instead of Joyce?
Yusuf Wanted to Marry a Nigerian girl

11) What was the cause of Salamotou’s Death?
motor Accident

12) What was Salamatou’s Occupation?

13) Why did Vanessa adopt Salamatou’s Son, Suleiman?
She adopted Suleiman because of the love she had for her mother and the promise she made to her

14) Where did Vanessa First Spoke With Tayo?
At the West African Society Meeting

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